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Do you have a boat and are looking to make some money by getting bookings from our members?

We are constantly looking to partner with owners who have great boats, who do everything by the book and who provide great service. If this is you, then we'd love to partner with you!  



Tell us about your boat and the price you are looking to get paid per booking.


We'll upload the boat to our site and our members will be able to book it only when it's available.


We will let you know as soon as a booking is made, so you can confirm us.


We will pay you the agreed upon price for the booking.


We don't charge you anything to list your boat in our site, nor for any booking that we send you. 

How we work: You'll give us the wholesale price of how much you want to receive per booking of 4 hours, 6 hours, etc. Our Members will pay a higher rate than that. We keep the difference; you get what you asked for in full.


We have Local Members

Our members are mostly locals. Usually families with kids, business owners or high-level Executives.

We do everything by the book

We like to play by all the rules and regulations, and we partner only with those who do. Our members sign a Bareboat Charter Agreement, an Agreement to hire the captain and a Waiver for every booking.

Early trips

Approximately a third of our bookings are 9am or 10am, driven by families with kids.

Live Calendar integration

Our system reads the availability of your boat from your own boat calendar (Google Calendar or TeamUp), which means our members can only book your empty slots. Long gone are the days where you had to update multiple calendars to let us know if your boat is available or not! Keep it simple: update your calendar only, and our system will know if it's available or not!


Before we begin, we need to know if you're a professional already...

Before you begin, review if this is you already...

✅ I am a boat owner (or do exclusive management for an owner, and I'm the ONLY authorized party to rent it).

✅ I already rent my boat(s) either by myself and/or through brokers or 3rd Party Websites.

✅ I already have all the bareboat and/or commercial documentation and permits.

✅ I already have insurance for bareboats and/or commercial.

✅ I have professional pictures of my boat(s).

✅ My boat(s) have a calendar where I diligently keep track of the bookings, and my calendar(s) can be shared.

✅ I already have a pickup/dropoff location for customers where charter boats are permitted.

✅ I already take care of the maintenance of my boat(s)



1️⃣ Personal Details

Which of the following best describes you?

2️⃣ About your boat

If you have more than 1 Boat, you will need to submit the information for your 1st boat, and then fill in this form again for any subsequent boats.

Please list here the direct links of where you are advertising your boat already (this could be your own website and others' -- including brokers and/or 3rd party boat listing websites like BoatSetter, GetMyBoat, Sailo, etc). We need the link(s) that take us DIRECTLY to your boat.

Select if your boat could be classified as any of the following:
Is your boat up to date with all permits required to do Bareboat charters and/or commercial?
Does your boat have proper insurance for Bareboat and/or commercial activity?

3️⃣ Services & Amenities

Please select all that apply. Note that ALL boats listed in BoatPass MUST offer the following services free of charge to the custmers:
Please select all that apply (if you don't provide any of these services, it is OK. We simply want to know so that we can tell our members what your boat offers)

List any other amenities that you offer. Please specify if they are included free of charge, or if they need to be paid for, and how much.

4️⃣ Pick-up / Drop-off Location

Do you have a pick-up / drop-off location where charter boats are permitted?

If the boat is stored in a different address than the above, please type the storage address here (otherwise you can leave the answer blank)

OPTIONAL - Other than the pick-up / drop-off location you listed above, do you have any other alternative locations you can offer clients to be picked-up/dropped-off? Please list any other options you offer and if it would be free, or if it would cost extra, and how much.

If requested by client, would you be able to pick-up/drop-off at their home's dock, or at a restaurant with a dock or any other public dock? (Client would have to arrange and pay any applicable docking fees)

5️⃣ Pictures & Calendar


-OR -

If you don't have a link, please upload at least 5 pictures below:

Which calendar(s) do you use to keep track of the bookings for your Boat?

In order to list your boat, we requre our system to read the busy/free information from your calendar (so that our members book only when you have available slots). 

6️⃣ All-Inclusive wholesale Prices for local trips

Broker / Wholesale Prices - We need to know how much you want to make per booking. The amount you put is the amount you will receive (i.e. no fees or commissions will be deducted). Please take into account the following:


⚠️ We require VERY competitive wholesale prices, as we need to sell Memberships for a better price than clients could rent your boat in the open market (otherwise it would not make sense to join a Membership). Therefore, please offer below your BEST possible prices. To be listed, you should consider offering a far price better than the one you offer your regular brokers. If you don't provide competitive prices, your boat will not be listed in our system.

⚠️ We please need steep discounts for trips that are more than 4 hours long, as one of the perks of joining the membership is getting free extra hours after certain number of bookings.

⚠️ The prices below are in US Dollars. Please use round numbers only and please put ALL INCLUSIVE PRICES. However, our members almost always tip crew directly, so please don't include tips as part of your ALL INCLUSIVE price.



4 hours:

5 hours:

6 hours:

8 hours:

Ready to submit?

Please review all the information above. Once you've double-checked that everything is correct, please submit your application.

Thanks for submitting!

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