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BoatPass Ambassadors

Earn up to $1,000 per Referral

The most Flexible Boat Club in the world now has the best Affiliate Program in the world.

BoatPass, the most flexible and loved Boat Club in the World, is pleased to introduce its Affiliate program: BoatPass Ambassadors. Get people to sign up to the BoatPass Membership and you’ll get as much as $1,000 per customer.

After your approval, you will receive a unique coupon code (e.g. YOURNAME) and unique links. That way, we will be able to identify that the referral was from you.

BoatPass Ambassador Rates (USD)

One-Time Boat or Yacht Trips

We will provide a unique link to and a coupon code for your referals. Your payment will be either 5% in cash or 10% in BoatPass Credits of total booking's amount.

BoatPass Memberships

Your payment will depend on the category in which your referrals join. If you prefer to get your payment in BoatPass Coupons (to rent a boat), your payout will be even higher! Also, whoever signs up to the membership and uses your coupon code, will receive $500 in Coupons themselves, good to pay extra hours or boat upgrades.

Rate per Referral

Cash Option

BoatPass Credits Option
















If you decide to get the Coupons Option, you’ll be able to use them to book ANY boat within ANY category at the rates advertised for the general public on the date you book.

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