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Yachting Made Easy

BoatPass™, the Boat Club disrupting the boat and yacht industry, is now in Miami and South Florida!

Yacht Boat Club


Starting at $599/mo.

Captain, Gas & Boat Insurance included!

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BoatPass™ is like owning a Boat but without the hassle or cost

- OR -

If you'd like to experience BoatPass as a non-member, we allow a limited number of trips to be booked.

Get $300 in credits!

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Featured as one of the top 7 Businesses in South Florida You need to Know

Cost-Benefit Magic

Boating is finally possible

Save over 70% with BoatPass™ vs owning a boat.

Cost per Year

Yacht Boat Club


No initiation fees.
No cancellation fees.
No security deposits.
No minimum commitment.
No kidding.

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How it works

We're the simplest Boat Club: Make a SINGLE Monthly Payment, and enjoy!

Yacht Boat Club

Get a Boat Trip each Month

Your membership will get you a Pass every month, good for one boat trip. Two or more Passes also available.

Yacht Boat Club

Rollover unused Passes

Forget about missed chances. Unused Passes rollover and they never expire, so no rush.

Yacht Boat Club

Worry Free, Hassle Free

Forget about the headaches of owning a boat. Simply book, show up, and enjoy your captained trip!

Yacht Boat Club

Everything's included!

Your membership includes the boat, your captain, gas and boat insurance. Enjoy!

Jet Ski

Thank you Miami!
Our community keeps growing! Now 21,000+ people!

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Yacht Boat Club

Our Locations

We are where you are

We are the only Boat Club that has presence in multiple marinas throughout Miami, Hollowood & Fort Laudedale. Book any boat from any of our conveniently-located marinas.

Yacht Boat Club




We have presence in the following areas, and expanding rapidly:

Miami (Multiple conveniently-located marinas and growing!)


Fort Lauderdale
Pompano Beach COMING SOON!



Our fleet

Yes, our boats are amazing

BoatPass™ takes pride in offering great boats. These are our boat categories:

Yacht Boat Club


Yacht Boat Club
Yacht Boat Club
Yacht Boat Club
Yacht Boat Club

See our Boats in detail:

We only work with great & reliable brands:

9 Passengers
20-30 ft.


10 Passengers
30-40 ft.


13 Passengers
40-50 ft.

13 Passengers
50-60 ft.



13 Passengers
60 - 90 ft.

BoatPass Logo

Do you want a luxury boat for a special occasion?

Our LUX Boats are available to all Members


Upgrade to newer and even more luxurious boats on any booking



Get top-rated Captains


LUX Boats are in the top-rated Marinas

To get a LUX  boat simply pay your upgrade when booking, without affecting your membership.
Some LUX Boats are included in the higher-tiered memberships.

BoatPass Boat Club
BoatPass Boat Club
BoatPass Boat Club

Our Booking System

Easy to book & Easy to cruise

Choose your Favorite Boat!

 Choose any boat within your Category

   - OR -

✅  Book a bigger and/or more luxurious boat by simply paying the upgrade.

BoatPass Boat Club Booking System

✅  Book online up to 3 months in advance with just 3 clicks, or reach out to your Personal Concierge

Video BS3.gif
Booking System Video2.png

✅ Our base membership includes half-day trips (4 hours), but you can customize your membership to include longer trips, or you can pay for extra hours on any particular trip you want, without affecting your membership.

Reminder: Passes never expire as long as you are a member.

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Availability Guaranteed!

Availability like no other Boat Club

We are the only Boat Club that guarantees availability on the date of your choosing.* Experience it yourself: 

Go beyond monthly boat trips



Discover a world of personalized luxury with BoatPass Experiences.

Julia BP BoatPass Boat Club

Exclusive Personal Concierge

On top of being able to choose a boat and book online by themselves, Members gain exclusive access to a dedicated Concierge Service, ensuring a personalized service and unparalleled assistance.

BoatPass Boat Club

Trip Personalization

Want to get picked up at home instead of driving to the Marina? Want to plan a special occasion? No problem! Talk to your Personal Concierge and we will arrange it for you!

BoatPass Boat Club

Trips beyond Miami

Talk to your Concierge to quote and plan a trip beyond Miami. Explore captivating destinations like the Florida Keys and the Bahamas aboard our exquisite fleet of boats. Tailored to your preferences, our team curates unforgettable experiences.

BoatPass Boat Club

With BoatPass Experiences, planning becomes effortless, allowing you to immerse yourself in the joy of discovery. Indulge in the freedom of personalized adventures, where every detail is expertly taken care of. 

The most Flexible Boat Club

We are Flexible; it's in our DNA


Flexible Passes

If you're unable to use your Pass on the month you got it, don't worry – every unused Pass rolls over to the next month forever! Passes never expire (as long as you remain a member, of course).


Experience the freedom of boating at your own pace!

BoatPass™ is the most Flexible Boat Club in the World



You're in charge

Your Boat Trip, Your Rules

BoatPass Boat Club

Play your own music

All of our Boats have Bluetooth Speakers. Simply connect wirelessly with your phone and become the DJ for your trip!

BoatPass Boat Club

Rate our boats

We ask you to rate your boat after every trip.  Boats that don't consistently get great ratings are replaced. That's how we always maintain a great fleet at BoatPass

BoatPass Boat Club

Choose where to go

Your Captain will recommend you the best spots to go during your visit. You are free to choose any destination, as long as there is enough time to go and return.

BoatPass Boat Club

Enhance your trip

We offer optional add-ons including upgrading to a boat in a higher-tiered Plan, water bottles, extra hours, cooler with ice, floating mat, etc.



All Membership Categories include:

  • A half-day Boat Trip Per month on any boat within your Category. Want more than one trip per month or one every 2 or 3 months? Want longer Boat Trips? Customize your membership here.

  • Ability to upgrade to a bigger or more luxurious boat by simply paying the upgrade.

  • Unlimited rollover for unused trips for our Members. Accumulate them and use them in the future.

  • Gas, Capitan and Boat Insurance included in every trip.

  • Taxes, our cooler full of ice and water bottles included in price.

  • Zero headaches of owning a boat.

  • Availability Guaranteed for your desired date. Yes! We're the ONLY Boat Club that guarantees this*

  • Easiest & Fastest reservation system in the industry

  • Access to a personalized Concierge Service and to BoatPass Experiences.

New Member Initiation Fee:



Want to book a single trip?

If you'd like to experience BoatPass as a non-member, we allow a limited number of trips to be booked. Book HERE.

Share your love

Corporate or Personal

BoatPass™ allows you to share your membership with anyone: personal or business.

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Optional Services
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BoatPass Boat Club

How we Compare

5 Main Differences  between Traditional Boat Clubs & BoatPass


Thousands to Join & Hidden Fees 
Traditional boat clubs charge thousands of dollars to join & monthly maintenance dues; and charge extra for captain services and fuel. BoatPass charges no initiation or cancellation fees; only a transparent single monthly payment with everything included and no hidden fees. Join before July 31st to enjoy no initiation fees. Join


Long-Term Commitment
Traditional clubs require long-term commitments. BoatPass offers full flexibility: cancel any time, even on your first month.


The “Unlimited” Trap
Traditional clubs offer new clients “unlimited” bookings. This only makes legacy club members suffer from lack of availability as new members book like there’s no tomorrow. BoatPass guarantees available dates when booked more than 3 days in advance.*


Location. Location. Location.
Traditional clubs are restricted to a single marina. BoatPass has presence throughout Miami in multiple marinas; you can book any boat in any Marina.


Limited to a few Boats
Traditional clubs are limited to a few boats within a single category. BoatPass allows you to upgrade on any booking to bigger and/or more luxurious boats. 

Learn More

Get started with Our Exclusive BoatPass Brochure

BoatPASS Brochure

We make it easy

Life is better on a boat

Find all you need for your trip. From the captain to the cooler.

BoatPass Boat Club
BoatPass Boat Club

Like it? Try it!

Experience BoatPass without commitment

We understand that joining a boat club is a choice that may take careful consideration—especially if you are thinking of joining a boat club that charges thousands of dollars of upfront fees.


But we are different: We are so confident you will love BoatPass that, for a limited time, we have zero initiation fees. Furthermore, we are so flexible that we have zero cancellation fees and we don't have any minimum commitment: You can cancel even on your first month. Unlike traditional Boat Clubs that force members to stay for a year or more, we don't need to have such a policy because, unlike them, our members are happy to stay!

We are trully, the most flexible Boat Club in the world!

2 6 2 8

Get $300 in credits!

  • How does the Passes system work?
    Every Membership Payment will get you a Pass (or 2, or 3, or however many you need). Each Pass is used to make a booking. Unused Passes rollover to the next month and never expire as long as you're a Member. So you can accumulate Passes and take your trips in the future. You can customize your Membership for your Passes to be good for half-day trips (4 hours), 6 hours, or full-day trips (8 hours).
  • What does the Membership Price include?
    Our prices are all-inclusive. The price you pay for each Pass will include the private boat during your booked time, your captain, gas, boat insurance, taxes, docking fee, our cooler full of ice, water bottles for you and your guests, and even a steward(ess) in select boats! There are no hidden fees. The base Membership includes a half-day trip per month (4 hours), with unlimited rollover in case you can’t use it in that particular month. Of course, we offer memberships with longer trips and as many trips per month as you need; your choice!
  • Is there a LUX Membership?
    LUX boats range in size and prices, so they can’t really all fit into the same bucket. For this reason, we don’t offer a LUX Membership per se. To book LUX boats, you would need to join any of our Membership Categories (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Black) and book a LUX boat by simply selecting the one that you like and paying for the upgrade (if any) without affecting your membership. Many of our LUX boats are included in our Diamond Membership, and most of them are included in our BLACK Membership – so no upgrade fees would be required.
  • Can I switch Plans?
    Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade to another Plan. Simply contact your Personal Concierge for instructions on how to do it.
  • Is there a minimum month commitment if I join?
    No. We are fully flexible, so there is really now downside if you join: You can cancel your membership any time and for any reason, even on your first month. We're so sure you will love BoatPass, that we don't need to "force" our members into long term commitments: they stay because they love it!
  • One Pass per month is not enough for me. Can I get more Passes per month?
    Yes! You can get as many Passes as you need per month.
  • One Pass per month is too much for me. Can I get Passes less often?
    Of course! We have Memberships that include 1 Pass every two months, and 1 Pass every three months.
  • Who can can I bring on the Boat? Can I share BoatPass with my family and friends; or with my co-workers or employees?
    You can bring anyone you want into the boat as long as it is not beyond the permitted capacity. You can have your family, friends, colleagues or employees take a trip; you don't necessarily need to be present in every trip!
  • Can a Company subscribe to BoatPass™ and offer boat trips or retreats to their employees?
    Absolutely! In fact, many Companies already are part of BoatPass™. They use it for their executives and employees, to close deals, to invite clients, to invite prospective clients, etc.
  • Can I share my Membership? Personal or Corporate?
    Of course you can! We are the most flexible Boat Club in the World! In fact, we have several members that already share a membership. The person paying for the membership doesn't necessarily need to be on every boat trip.
  • How far ahead can I book? Should I book many days in advance?
    The system will allow you to book for tomorrow and up to 3 months in advance. If you need to book same-day or more than 3 months in advance, simply reach out to your Personal Concierge. We’re the only Boat Club in the world that guarantees availability, so there will be boats available even if you don’t book so far ahead. However, if you want a particular boat, we recommend that you book it more than a week in advance.
  • At what times are the slots to reserve a boat?
    Our bookings start as early as 9am and end as late as 11pm. But if you need something before or after, simply talk to your Personal Concierge and we will arrange it for you.
  • Can I upgrade my Boat to a bigger one on certain ocassions?
    Of course! Flexibility is the name of our game... When you book, you will have the option to upgrade to a bigger boat on that particular booking. This is a great for when you have friends or family visiting. All members also have the ability to book one of our LUX Boats by paying the upgrade (although some LUX boats are included in our higher-tiered categories without any extra fees required).
  • Can I buy extra hours for a particular trip?
    Yes! Regardless of the duration you chose as part of your Membership, you can always buy extra hours for a particular booking.
  • Can I buy extra hours while on the boat?
    Yes! If the boat and crew are available, simply text or WhatsApp your Personal Concierge, receive the payment link and pay the extra hours on the go.
  • What’s the cost of the extra hours?
    Extra hours are sold at the proportional price per hour of that particular Boat (based on the current advertised price of a Membership of 4 hours of 1 Pass per month). For example, if the base price of a 4-hour trip for a boat is $1000, then extra hours will be $250 each for that particular boat. It is more cost-effective to have longer trips as part of your Membership than to pay for extra hours in each booking. You can customize your Membership to include trips of 4, 6 and 8 hours long.
  • What's the Trip Cancellation Policy? Can I modify or cancel a reservation?
    Your plans can change, and we understand that. That's why we offer a flexible cancellation policy. If you cancel your trip for any reason with more than 7 days' notice, you'll get your Pass back, no questions asked. If it's within 7 days to 24 hours from your booked trip, get your Pass back by paying a 30% fee. If hazardous weather prevents your boat from sailing (as determined by the Coast Guard or your Captain), you get your Pass back so you can book on another date. You can easily modify or cancel any existing reservation online.
  • What happens if I don't show up the day of my reservation or I forget to cancel more than one week ahead of my trip?
    If you cancel your trip for any reason with more than 7 days' notice, you'll get your Pass back, no questions asked. If it's within 7 days to 24 hours from your booked trip, get your Pass back by paying a 30% fee. If you don't cancel and don't show up to your trip, you will lose that Pass, but are free to use another Pass to reserve a slot for another day.
  • What happens if the day of my trip there is bad weather preventing boats from sailing?
    Don't worry! We are all about great service: If hazardous weather prevents your boat from sailing (as determined by the Coast Guard or your Captain), you get your Pass back so you can book on another date.
  • Is there a limit to the number of bookings I can have each month?
    There is no limit. You can have as many bookings as the number of Passes you have available. If you don't have enough Passes, you can buy additional Passes at the current Pass rate of 1 Pass per month.
  • Is tipping the crew customary in this industry?
    Tipping is entirely up to you. Even though tips will be greatly appreciated, we don't like to make them mandatory (like some restaurants do nowadays). Tipping should be entirely your choice, depending on the service you receive. If you do decide to tip, the industry standard is around 10%. You can give separate tips to the captain and steward(ess), or give the whole amount to the captain and ask them to share it among the crew. Captains usually accept tips not only in cash, but also via Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp.
  • What types of Boats are included in the membership?
    The types of Boats included in your membership will depend on which Plan you join: Silver Plan: Boats 20-30 ft. Up to 9 passengers. Gold Plan: Boats 32-40 ft. Up to 10 passengers. Include Bathroom. Platinum Plan: Boats 40-50 ft. Include Bathroom. Up to 13 passengers. Include Steward(ess). Diamond Plan: Boats 50-60 ft. Include Bathroom. Up to 13 passengers. Include Steward(ess). Black Plan: Boats 60-90 ft. Include Bathroom. Up to 13 passengers. Include Steward(ess). Regardless of your Membership Category, you will always be able to book LUX Boats. Depening on your Membership Category and the LUX boat you choose, the upgrades to LUX may incur a fee, or they may be included in your Membership. We have a rating system (we ask members to rate boats after each trip). Boats that are not consistently highly rated are changed. This ensures we always offer good, quality boats. You can see pictures, location and availability of our boats at
  • Where are the boats located?
    They are located throughout Miami in different marinas. You can book any boat within any of our conveniently-located marinas. See the location of our boats and their live availability at
  • Are pets allowed on the boats?
    Most of our boats are pet-friendly. When you book any of our boats, you will see a brief description of each, including if they are pet-friendly. So, if you would like to bring your pet you can certainly do so by simply booking in any of our pet-friendly boats.


Still Have Questions?

Schedule a call with a BoatPass representative. Get all your questions answered and receive personalized assistance.

Get $300 in credits!

The best days in the life of a Boat Owner:

    ✓  The day they bought a boat

    ✓  The day they sol
d their boat

    ✓  The day they joined BoatPass

BoatPass Boat Club
BoatPass Boat Club
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* Availability guaranteed when booking more than 7 days in advance, except on holidays.

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